What is the Future of ART?


BBC’s The Culture Show are looking for your opinions on where the future of Art is going.



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  • lili-oto

    in french please, it’s very interesting… lili-oto

  • peter

    I think the future of art will be verbal and online. The artist will describe their intentions, pictorial, political and ideological to an interviewer with the option of the viewer being able to download the description. This will negate the need to spend a great deal of time and from the ease of their armchair. No more spending huge amounts of money travelling to exhibitions with the usual problem of forgetting to bring your glasses and then not being able to understand the work from the requisite description of intention on the wall.

    • Margie

      That’s a cunning answer to a chnngelliag question

  • Tex

    I couldn’t see straight after the 7th page, and started to think you were pranking us. Good questions though. Is this a show of yours? I swear I could hear your voice asking some of those questions.

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