Google and the World Brain: Available for Streaming Everywhere!

 “As Ben Lewis’s well-argued documentary shows, Google started their bold initiative apparently without realising the storm it would create. But opposition came from authors who held the copyright to their books: they regarded Google’s scheme as corporate theft.”

David Gritten

The Telegraph

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Google and the World Brain is now available on DVD!

The film is endlessly fascinating and engaging. It’s probably the best documentary you’ll see all year.

Lucas McNelly – Huffington Post 


Google and the World Brain is now available to buy on DVD via the Polar Star Films Website.

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The Great Contemporary Art Bubble DVD

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On September 15th 2008, the day of the the collapse of Lehmans, the worst financial news since 1929, Damien Hirst sold over £60 million of his art, in an auction at Sotheby’s that would total £111 million over two days. It was the peak of the contemporary art bubble, the greatest rise in the financial value of art in the history of the world. One art critic and film-maker was banned by Sotheby’s and Hirst from attending this historic auction: Ben Lewis.

He had spent the whole of 2008 making a documentary investigating the reasons behind the booming contemporary art market, and they didn’t like what he was finding out… Art critic and film-maker Ben Lewis spent over a year investigating this contemporary art bubble in Europe, America and China and discovered a world of secretive deals, speculation, tax breaks and market manipulation that involved the whole art world – dealers, collectors, galleries, auction houses and even public museums. In the climax of the film, his discoveries lead him to play his own small secret part in the bursting of the contemporary art bubble. Includings interviews with leading dealers, gallerists, auction house specialists, artists and financial analysts.
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Following the runaway success of the multi-award-winning first BBC4 series of ‘Art Safari’, documentary-maker Ben Lewis, returns with another survey of the world’s most interesting, imaginative, intelligent and insane contemporary artists.


WIM DELVOYE is the world’s rudest artist. Cloaca is a work of art and a machine which reproduces the human digestive system. You put food in one end and faeces comes out the other. But is this s**t for real?

is the Grand Dame of French contemporary art. Her art often involves following a set of rules or executing a task devised by someone else. She wants Ben to come up with an artistic idea for her to do…

is Japan’s most successful contemporary artist. He makes super-sized cartoons and toys inspired by Japanese Manga comics. His art may look superficial and commercialised, but behind it lies a theory about the history of postwar Japan.

is Spain’s anti-capitalist artist and one of the world’s most radical artists. Ben travels with him to the heavily militarised border between North and South Korea, and then to globalisation hub of Dubai. but there’s friction between artist and TV presenter…

Comes with a 12-page Bonus Booklet, with essays on each artist/episode by Ben Lewis DVD Aspect ratio 16:9 Stereo Duration 4 x 30 min Language: English Release Date: 2009 © 2005