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A Frenchman, an American and a German are on a train from Bonn to West Berlin. Suddenly they notice the devil is chasing the train. They are scared. The Frenchman grabs all his francs and throws them out the window – ‘Maybe this will satisfy the devil!’, he says. The devil keeps on coming. The American grabs all his dollars and throws them out. Still the devil keeps on coming. The East German puts his head out of the window and shouts something into the wind. The devil suddenly stops and starts running in the opposite direction? ‘What did you say?’ his fellow travellers ask: ‘I told him that if he kept on running he’d soon be in East Germany.’

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From 1986, Christmas can no longer be celebrated in East Germany. Joseph has been drafted into the army. Maria has to go to work. The shepherds are on a peace vigil and the three wise men have returned to the West.
Two East German policemen were standing guard near the trail dividing Berlin.
‘What do you think of our regime?’ asked the first.
‘The same as you,’ the second replied.
‘In that case, it is my duty to arrest you.’


How do you use a banana as a compass – put it on the Berlin Wall, and which ever direction it’s snatched in is East.

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