The Frontline Club screening Google and the World Brain

The Frontline Club is a renowned media club in London. It is known for its strong emphasis on conflict reporting, its promotion of independent journalists and its many events.

01_DOP+MONK_Ben Lewis

Google and the World Brain will be screened this August as part of a summer season that is looking into the way technology and technological changes are shaping the ways that we document and interact with the world. Following the screening Ben will be part of a Q&A session.

The screening is taking place on: Tuesday 27 August 2013, 7:00 PM 

Tickets are available now and can be booked here.

To read more about The Frontline Club visit their website.

  • steve bergson

    Hi Ben

    Enjoyed the film at last night’s screening. It struck me during the film that Google has pulled off an amazing stunt in taking over the ITV’s formula – making the service “free” to users on the basis that they have to accept advertising to fund it, but here they don’t even put any of the revenue into making the content that provides the filling between the ads! How did that happen?

    And it’s become ubiquitous very quickly so it’s taken on a self fulfilling logic that it’s hard to reverse or even slow. As your film showed, legitimate concerns about creators’ rights just appear ludicrously Luddite and protectionist. And even more insidious is the monetising of “context” so the links between fragments of content take over in importance from the units of output we might previously have known as books, films etc.

    Interesting disturbing stuff. I think Lawrence Lessig is a key figure in the story – I was surprised you didn’t have more comment from him. It’ll be an unfolding story though the problem is people genuinely don’t know what line to take on it.

    Your film’s a strong contribution to the arguments however.


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