Gursky World – The birth of Art Safari

In 2002 I made my first ‘Art Safari’ style film about the German photographer Andreas Gursky. It’s been uploaded (illegally – but I don’t mind because I don’t own the rights!). It contains the ‘famous’ ‘Is it Gursky? in Reading’ ‘sketch’ and the European languages ‘sketch’. Seriously though folks, it was my first art comedy doco and there’s about 20 years of gags about the art world stored up and then released in this film.

You can watch it here and download it too, it seems. Cheeky bootleggers.

2 thoughts on “Gursky World – The birth of Art Safari”

  1. I enjoyed this tremendously. I teach history of photography and I would love to buy a better quality copy of this documentary to possibly show in class. I checked your shop and the BBC but I can’t seem to find it.

    1. Hi Bryan,

      We’re glad you enjoyed Ben’s Gursky World. Unfortunately, we don’t own the rights or have a better quality version than this. It may be worth contacting the BBC directly and asking if they have an archive copy that you might be able to purchase?

      Hope this helps!


      BLTV Web Management Team

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