Contemporary Art Top Trumps


Have you seen my pack of contemporary art Top Trumps? I just wish I could find someone who could produce and sell them commercially. I’m sure they’d go like hot cakes. But first one would have to license all the works of art, or turn them into drawings or cartoons. Contact me if you think you can help!

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  • Cad Delworth

    Dear Ben,

    I’m just watching your show ‘The Contemporary Art Bubble’ as I write.

    In fact, I liked your pack so much that I wondered if it was an official Top Trumps pack? SO I went online and checked, and it seems not.

    So … I suppose you HAVE asked the Top Trumps company? Just a thought!


  • Kyle Currie

    Dear Ben,

    Watched your show last night – glad to hear my fake Tracey Emin hasn’t de-valued just yet !

    Loved the ‘Top Trumps’ – the last pack I owned was a classic sports car edition in the late 1970’s – back then you could buy a brand new Lamborghini Miura S.4000 for £11,000 – says it all really.If they ever agreed to print your pack the values would be out of date by several million between design and production.

    Cheers KC

  • Saoirse

    Also just watching your program and googled contemporary art top trumps!!
    They would make such good Christmas presents for all my friends!!

  • Jamie

    Yeah, just tried to find these, whilst watching your update programme (which is just as good as the original). Am quite surprised they don’t already exist? I would snap them up in a second!

  • isabel


    These look amazing and i can not believe there is no way that i can get hold of them. As a teacher in a secondary school i would truly love to have a set to use with my students.

    Such a shame, please advise if this situation has changed


  • Tommie

    Hi Ben,

    didn’t see the show but just thought of the same idea for an upcoming exhibition , googled it, found this page. bit devastated but nonetheless…I think you could sell it if you sold it as art. this circumvents copyright based on the fair use policy. If you do choose to follow that route, you owe me a deck of those cards. Is there a site where I can see some of the cards? really curious as to how you did it. I am also a massive top trumps fan… They would sell like hot cakes!

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