The Great Contemporary Art Bubble at Festivals


My documentary about the contemporary art market is being shown in several film festivals this Autumn – The Montreal Film Festival at the end of August, Vancouver in September, the 1st Tel Aviv International Art & Culture Film Festival, Oct 28-31st, and ‘Lo Scherma Dell’Arte in Florence 23-26th November

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  • Roberto Adrian Soliani

    Dear Ben Lewis:
    I saw your documentary in TVE 2, in Sain last October 24th, and a learned a lot. I live in Marbella, were you know is full of English people, and now i anderstand why they go to that kind of places, were spaniards are not very found.
    It was really very good your point of vew about the great bussiness of the contemporary art.
    My regards ADRIAN.

  • Lynsey

    You have shed a ray of sunshine into the forum. Tahnks!

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