The Great Contemporary Art Bubble BBC4 Mon 18th May 9pm


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    Thank you, Веn!
    I saw it twice !( At 9 p.m. & at 2.45 a.m.)
    The greatest idea (for me) is about ordinary people (taxpayers), who paying (finally) not only with confusing their souls , but with the real taxes as well…
    D.H. phenomena is a greatest mystery of intellectual and business moral insanity
    (sorry about lanluage – I am not a native speaker)

  • William Ling

    That there are those that play the market to their own advantage is no surprise and isn’t really the scandal that you suggest it is however what is interesting and which your film only, for the briefest of moments, touches on is the role of the publicly funded spaces. Maybe you should research this and make another film and you are wrong about Turk. He’s a great artist.

  • Elsa Tierney

    I agree that Gavin Turk’s work is not such a great investment! His ideas are barely ground breaking & anyone believing in his success as with the success of Damian Hirst’s is just swallowing the product that is being sold to them, just like the latest in maskara’s that make your eye lashes longer or the razor that cuts closer than before, how much closer before it cuts thru the skin?
    I really liked the documentory. It was interesting to get a closer look at the Sotheby’s industry which can never be satisfied with what it has. When one of the Mugabi guys came out of the Damien Hirst auction he looked like a big shot gambler. He had the same expression of excitement on his face as someone who has just played amongst other big shots.
    Sotheby’s is nothing but an organised meeting point for those types who’s need for bigger, higher lots have pushed the industry into having to manipulating it. The cards with pictures on them, begged for me the question, do they & their collector associates have late night poker games with these cards, betting works by Warhol against Van Gogh?
    It was interesting to see the behavior of the two Warhol Tycoons, who at first seemed so sure & interested to show you their collections & then as the the auctions began to fail for them, seeing you outside just added salt to their wounds. Probably licking them now, but I doubt they will be affected for too long.
    The whole market seems to be falling apart at the moment & I agree with the last blog, that more documentaries need to be made & more needs to be uncovered.
    I liked the dream you spoke of with Marilyn, was that a real dream?
    After seeing the docu, I also had a dream that I was outside the houses of some seemingly very well off people & was taking pictures & recording a documentary of my own!?
    I told many of my friends, including the film tutor at my old Uni about the documentary & they all came back to me with good reviews too.
    One person I spoke to though, had also seen it and begged to argue that this kind of manipulation was nothing new & who was it hurting? I put to him that it was hurting the real artist industry.
    If works of art go for more than they are really worth even to the artist then what standard does this set for the unknown artists of today & tomorrow.
    How much to price my work at has always been a questionable problem for me & I have made commissioned work in the past & tried to make it as cheaply as possible & sell it for a much as I could get. I was never happy with my work though & so now, finding a price for my work is always relative to my current situation, what I spent on it, what it cost me to make it & the time it takes me to make it. Just enough for what I need to live on & a little extra for a rainy day:)
    I’ve met many artists who price their work too high for work that is often surface & effortless. The current market is perfect for this type of artist as their work simply mirrors it & they become quite successful, in a money & fame sense!?

  • Katrin

    I watched your film on Swedish television tonight. Very interesting! Now I realise what the tax evaders I investigate do with all the money they collect in offshore bank accounts.
    I’m so fed up with greed that I’ve decided to study art/litterature instead. Everybody’s pointing out the large difference between accounting/taxes and arts subjects. But all of a sudden, these fields seems closely related.

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