Guardian Cottons on to Sandwiches

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One of the Guardian’s leading feature writers Sam Knight has inked a long article about the significance of sandwiches to Britain’s society and economy. The paper is a mere seven years behind me! In 2010 I made a film about sandwiches for my series “What Brits Love.” You can buy the DVD of my series here on this website.

As Mr Knight wisely observes:

British sandwich-makers are sought-after across Europe, and invited to places like Russia and the Middle East to advise on everything from packaging and production lines to “mouth feel” and cress. “In Saudi Arabia they absolutely love the story of the Earl, the scoundrel,” one factory owner told me. And during weeks of reporting for this article, I didn’t come across one person who doubted that the long boom would continue for years to come. “It’s big. We all do it. And we do it a lot, is our summary of the market,” said Martin Johnson, the chief executive of Adelie Foods, a major supplier of coffee shops and universities.


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