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BLTV (Ben Lewis Television) Ltd was established in 2003 by award winning director Ben Lewis to produce creative, original, high quality European and International Co-Production documentaries with international appeal.

Since 2003, BLTV has delivered in excess of 13 hours of prime international broadcast. BLTV has successfully co-produced with a number of international co production partners in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Sweden.

BLTV films have been screened across the globe, UK, Germany, France, Austria, Lichenstein, Sth Tyrol, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Australia, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, USA, Greece, Tiwan, Qatar, Belgium, Romania, Canada, Japan, Estonia, Hungary and the Czech RepublicWe strive to produce high end, quality programming that educate, entertain and engage our audiences.

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