Happy New Year from Ben and all of the BLTV Team

A warm welcome to 2014! We hope that you’ve all had a wonderful festive season and have exciting plans for the year ahead.

We will be keeping you aware of all things Ben Lewis, including screenings and talks and, as always, you can contact us through our email: info@benlewis.tv, Ben’s Twitter page: artsafarist as well as on our Facebook page.




  • Robin J Thomson

    I have, for years now, been searching the internet -increasingly frantic- for :
    ” A German artist, working in mostly ‘to scale’ installations of “ready made” type rooms, alleyways or streetcorners but some sculpture, often in lead (his father/uncle owned a lead works ?). Builds sound proof/hidden/layered rooms. Sometimes has (very) small exhibitions under an assumed (woman’s) name. The first,and only, time i have seen him or his work was as part of a documentary in the early ’00s ”

    This description has been smeared across message boards and social networking sites for almost a decade now. Every search engine has had every possible combination of the words above typed into it. Living in the U.k, Netherlands and Germany I have interrogated German and Austrian friends, artists,curators to the point of mania.
    I came up with nothin’…nix.
    I gave up… vorbei…fertig…
    And then…
    About an hour ago I found the name – Ben Lewis >”Art safari”>Gregor Schneider. It all happened so fast.
    I danced. I sang. I laughed.

    I can justify this rambling because I have just bought the DVD of the first series.

    I wish Ben (and all of you) a thriving 2014.

    Arjay Tee

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