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Ben Lewis is available for consultancy and public speaking on a wide variety of cultural topics, ranging from the Internet to Communism to Contemporary Art.  Over the past decade Ben has gained immense experience of the global cultural scene thanks both to his documentaries, and to his articles and reviews in British, European and American journals.

Ben is happy to advise on the conceptualisation of exhibitions, festivals and art events; selection and curation of artists for shows and projects; analysis of trends and developments in the art market; and contemporary art product design;

He has an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the potentiality and perils of the Internet; and the power of humour in political change.

Ben is available for talks, debates and seminars. In recent years he has to spoken at university faculties across the world, at museums and at high-profile Intelligence Squared debates.

Ben Lewis is currently working with Eyestorm to develop limited editions of prints and multiples by upcoming young artists.

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  • Olga

    Hello Ben,

    My name is Olga. I am an artist from Russia.

    I saw your film “The great contemporary art bubble” and decided to write you. I agree with you. Contemporary art is a bubble, a blister which will burst soon. Real art must not be like a bubble. People forgot about real meaning of art. Art focus should be on the enduring fundamental principles of life that ennoble mankind. Art must elevate of Man, to make him better. When the great business meddles in art, art dies. The businessmen don’t hold an interest in new name in art. They interested in only their profit. And meanwhile hand of God doesn’t impoverish and it continues to give the talents to people.

    I want to tell you about one of these gifts which was given to the Russian artist. His name is Valentin Massov. I don’t think you’ll believe me. I just want to you save in memory his name. Why? Because his name will be known all over the world. Because Valentin Massov has created the new art movement – Spiritual Realism. And people will say about him, when they get tired of the great contemporary art bubble.

    I wrote more information by mail. (
    Thread: Art

    Sorry for my poor English.

  • cochin matthieu

    hello ben,

    I was in charge of the sound mixing of yours Communist’s jokes, in Paris.

    I ‘ve just seen your google’s book film and i wanted to congratulate you

    I hope i will meet you again in my studio in the future

    see you


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