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The multi-award-winning international series on contemporary art by Madcap art geek and award-winning documentary-maker, Ben Lewis.


Series 1

is the court jester of the art world and the cartoonist of conceptualism. Cattelan refuses to meet Ben, so Ben brings Cattelan’s sculptures to life and sends them on missions to put questions to the artist and his doubles.

has been transforming his childhood home into an artistic house of horrors since he was 16. Ben is convinced that Schneider’s art indicates a terrible childhood trauma, but the artist would rather talk about formal theories.

makes art on a Hollywood scale with videos, sculptures, photographs and Vaseline. His Cremaster Cycle is the art world’s answer to Star Wars, only with meanings that are much more obscure…

– is it a new Ism? Ben investigates the theories of the French curator Nicholas Bourriaud. He says there’s a new movement in art – relational aesthetics.
Comes with a 12-page Bonus Booklet, with essays on each artist/episode by Ben Lewis DVD Aspect ratio 16:9 Stereo Duration 4 x 30 min Language: English. Release Date: 2009 © 2003


“Fresh and informative… One of the funniest 30 minutes of TV this week”
The Guardian

“Lewis is cleverer than he at first appears..”
Prospect magazine

“The Louis Theroux of the art world.”
The Sunday Times

6 thoughts on “Buy Art Safari 1”

  1. Hi
    i want to buy 3 cd’s: Art Safari 1+2 and Contemporary Art Bubble,
    i live in israel and couldn’t find information about shipping on the website –
    do you ship to Israel?


    1. Hi Noa,

      We do ship to Israel, yes. Please place your order via the website and the DVDs will be shipped to your address.


      BLTV Sales Team

  2. I’d like to purchase Art Safari 1 and 2 but I get the feeling that the PAL region thingimy is going to prevent me viewing it. I’m in Australia and we are PAL region 4. Got any thoughts?

    1. Hi Louise,

      We do have numerous orders from Australia so this would suggest that they do work fine. If you do purchase and they don’t work then we will of course provide a full refund.

      Hope this helps!


      BLTV Web Team

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