Tribant Jokes

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Why are seatbelts never used in a Trabant?
Because otherwise it would look like someone was coming down the road with a rucksack.

Why is the Trabant such a quiet vehicle?
Because when you sit inside you have your knees pressed up against your ears.

Why are there no terrorists in the DDR?
Because they’d have to wait almost 15 years for a good getaway car.

Will the design of the Trabant be changed one day?
– No, that’s not possible. Even within a delivery of ten years, the customer has a right to know how his car will look like.

How many people do you need to produce a Trabant?
Two. One for the folding, one for the gluing.

The shah of Persia hears that there is a car made in East Germany for which the waiting list is ten years – a Trabant. “Allah Akbah,” he exclaims to his minister, “This must be an amazing car. Order one for me immediately.” The car is ordered, and the order reaches the factory. There is greeted with great excitement – a foreign order for a Trabant, to be paid in dollars. The factory decides to build the car in a week and send it express to Persia… where it arrives two weeks later. The minister brings the Shah some exciting news: “Your Excellency. You won’t believe it. What an amazing service. You remember the car you ordered. They have already sent us a cardboard model.”

How can you double the value of a Trabant?
Just refuel it.

Why is it possible to open both doors of the Trabant?
In order to utilize the tailwind.

What is a Trabant on a hill?
A miracle.


What has happened if the Trabant stays in front of a green traffic light?
– The tyre sticks to some chewing gum.
– (or:) The Mercedes behind the Trabant has switched on the air conditioning.

Two Trabants crash in Leipzig. There are 2 dead and fifty injured. How come? The dead were the drivers – the fifty were injured fighting over spare parts.