Sinti and Roma documentary on German TV

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Ben’s documentary Das zerrissene Herz (2012) is shown on RBB, 24 October at 22.45 and on Arte, 25 October at 15.50.

The film investigates the new Sinti and Roma monument in Berlin. Ben speaks to the monument’s artist Dani Karavan, to Sinti and Roma, contemporary witnesses, Jews, to historians, politicians and to the chairman of the German Sinti and Roma himself, Romani Rose. As a Jew living in Britain, Ben asks questions that others would perhaps not dare to ask.

The monument has been inaugurated after years of dispute about its presentation and costs. It is located in the Tiergarten, close to the German Bundestag. Among the attendees were 250 journalists, Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Joachim Gauck, indicating the political significance of the event.

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