Another Exciting Review: Google and The World Brain

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Comments for Google and The World Brain are continuing to come in.

Here is a section from Scott Cleland’s review of the film:

Google’s many innovations are well known. What has not been appreciated until the debut of this outstanding documentary film is how Google’s frenetic innovation machine fits together. Ben Lewis effectively offers us a new organizing principle to understand why Google alone has a mission to organize the world’s information – Larry Page’s quest to create an Artificial Intelligence.

In the film, Kevin Kelly, a co-founder of Wired magazine, recounts a prophetic conversation with Google co-founder Larry Page in the earliest years of Google’s existence. He asked Mr. Page “why would anyone want to build another search engine when we have Alta Vista?” Mr. Page responded: “It’s not to make a search engine. It’s to make an AI.” Wow. A lot of things about Google make a lot more sense when one learns Google’s real raison d’être. 

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