The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels features in Broadcast

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‘The Beatles Hippies and Hells Angels’ was the subject of a feature of Broadcast, the British television industry journal.

I couldn’t believe my luck when Jago Lee asked me to make a film telling the inside story of Apple Corps, the fashion and music company set up by the Beatles. It took me a nanosecond to perform the necessary risk-assessment calculation any director does before accepting an offer.

As to whether the result would be any good, one has to imagine in advance what you will and won’t get from a film like this.

There were significant known obstacles. We were almost certain not to get the co-operation of the surviving Beatles, nor Apple, which would mean no original Beatles recordings or performances.

They like to control their story editorially, and take the profits that come from telling it. But I have never liked ‘authorised’ docs, as they always lack an edge.

And Apple Corps is not quite the same as the Beatles – it is probably the one chapter in their story you could tell without featuring the band’s music.